Francine Campone

My work explores connection, reconnection and the ways that
experiences alter the material of our lives.  My grandfather was a
master tailor who immigrated in the early 20 th from his home in
southern Italy to New York City.  He met and married my
grandmother, a seamstress, and set up a home filled with
scissors, thread, fabric and sewing machines.  Thus, I owe my existence to stitching and I have thread in my DNA.
My interest in working with fiber is driven by this history and by an acknowledgement that fiber is a most intimate and accessible material.  Thousands of times each day, we touch and are touched by plant and animal fibers: bedsheets and pillowcases, hand towels, socks, underwear, sweaters, baskets, jeans, curtains, magazines, seat cushions, envelopes- the list is endless. Each wearing, touch and rub leaves a trace and the material is altered in some subtle way.
I use a variety of textile processes to explore these traces and to remake discards, remnants and recycled items into something new.  I consider my work a form of reincarnation; nothing is wasted, nothing disappears.
These works are an invitation to renew awareness of the fiber of our lives– the colors, textures, connections, loose ends, what is unravelled, what needs mending– and to consider how experiences form and re-form life into a whole cloth.

Susan Dillon

Fiber & mixed media artist Susan Dillon combines fabric, fibers, stitch and found objects into 2d & 3d pieces, as well as wearable art, examining the connection and interaction between emotion and the physical world.  It is the tactile nature of fiber that first drew Susan to the medium, and it allows her the “hands on” exploration she needs to create her pieces.  Most pieces start with a simple detail or even a phrase, then through manipulation of the materials, Susan allows the piece to evolve on its own.  Often the final piece is a surprise, even to Susan.
Susan’s work his been displayed and is collected nationally & internationally, and she has her studio at GRACe in Denver.
You can visit Susan in her studio by appointment.

Delayo FX & Cosplay

Greg Gandy

Greg Gandy is a studio painter and creative entrepreneur from Jackson, Mississippi currently living and working in the RiNo arts district of Denver, Colorado. With a focus on cultural cross-fertilization, Gandy has traveled the southeast connecting artists and communities to businesses and organizations through lectures, creative consultation, publications, festivals, art exhibitions, and film. In 2016,Southern Living Magazine recognized Greg Gandy as an Innovator Changing the South alongside Aziz Ansari, Dolly Parton, and Reese Witherspoon. In addition to his studio painting, Gandy is focused on developing cultural infrastructure on a national scale to foster long term growth and stability for creative professionals.
Gandy’s work has been featured inViceThe AtlanticSouthern Living Magazine, a Lifetime movie, and numerous regional magazines, free presses, and newspapers. 

House Meraki, LLC

Founded in 2018 by local designers Elizabeth Berry & Adriele Graham, House Meraki is a boutique interior design firm serving the greater Denver area, its surrounding cities, and mountain getaways. They believe that great design should be attainable for every budget and offer a menu of design services that cater to projects large and small. Their unique design process is client driven and the custom solutions ensure the spaces reach their full functional potential. House Meraki works on a fixed fee system, meaning clients have upfront costs and a full understanding of the process before even getting started.  With a mission to make sure your home reflects your style and personality; they help materialize your design vision without overloading your lifestyle and budget, bringing back the love of life starting at home.


iCCAUHTZiN (ee-qwot-zeen)- Nahuatl for ‘revered younger brother.’

Inspired by cultura and tradiciones, iCCAUHTZiN is a lifestyle and apparel brand that allows one to adorn themselves with culturally rich displays of unique fashions, typically with the serape textile. Established in 2017, we are based out of Denver, Colorado and hope to be a great representation of the Xicano and Xicana communities who continue to seek acknowledgement for their presence in Denver, and all over the United States. We hope to truly honor those that have come before us, as well as the tejedoras (artisans who loom the textiles) who create such brilliant and beautifully crafted serape. ***All of our serape is ethically sourced, typically from Tlaxcala, Mexico.**

Owner/ Creator/ Designer Alejandra is a mother and business student at Metropolitan State University of Denver, Board Member of Ceiba, USA, Licensed & Certified Massage Therapist, and Reiki Level 2 Practitioner. It wasn’t until launching Iccauhtzin in early 2017 that she was able to truly envelope herself into creating lifestyle and apparel items heavily influenced by many cultures and subcultures such as hip hop and pachuquismo. Her earlier designs have evident traces of her upbringing in Denver’s Historic Baker neighborhood, where oppositional Chicano culture was still alive and well . “One of the things I loved the most as a child were the Cinco de Mayo celebrations that took place on Santa Fe Drive before the arts district,” she says. “The colorful displays of my cultural identity continue to inspire me, and I hope it is evident in the things that I create.”

Tactile Studios, LTD

I discovered the craft of silversmithing and jewelry making in high school, and was immediately sold. I love fabricating original and custom pieces in my studio, hoarding tools and fancy rocks, and doing the occasional painting to keep it all balanced. Find out more about my work on my website, or follow me on instagram for a look into how it’s all made.

Victa Designs

Stephanie Victa

Stephanie Victa is the founder of Victa Designs, a women’s apparel company based in Denver, CO. The brand was established in 2014 and is expanding. We design and manufacture comfortable, versatile sophisticated clothing for curvy figures.  The classic designs are inspired by worldwide travel to be flexible with other pieces, dressed up or down and be thrown in a suitcase without too much worry. We use quality, natural fibers to ensure comfort and style. Victa Designs’ customer is a mature woman who knows her style, prefers comfort and long lasting style to trends.
Victa completed her MFA in Sculpture at The School of Art Institute of Chicago, IL then went on to complete a Fulbright Fellowship in the Philippines titled, “From Province to City: A Close Examination of the Space in Between,” that researched housing styles, then designed/ built a home for a family. This project influenced her to start One Stitch at a Time, a free sewing program that teaches machine operation to pattern drafting, in Jacmel, Haiti. Ten percent from Victa Designs is contributed to OSAAT. Victa’s interest lay at the intersection of art, culture and community development with the purpose of creating opportunity.

Kristina Davies

Kristina Davies is a gestural abstract painter whose work is a meditative and spiritual journey into the unknown. Her large mixed-media paintings reflect her life-long passion for abstract and figurative work. Kristina is inspired by the idea that the canvas is blank, but it has a story to tell. Her process involves using large, gestural movements to create strokes, lines and color in a very intuitive, expressive manner. Looking through the layers of this initial phase of the painting, figurative imagery begins to emerge. Kristina brings these images out and then a narrative begins to take place. Sometimes the imagery remains hidden and the painting is purely abstract. She does not begin a painting with a specific intention, rather, she lets the act of creating, the tapping into the flow of energy, conduct the piece. Her work is multi-layered and involves both construction and deconstruction. Each layer, each addition, each brush stroke, each mark…these all work together to create something new; to represent a feeling, a joy, an injustice, an idea, a belief, a truth, a passion.

Nicholas Emery

My work uses images to interrupt our notion of the European-American historical landscape painting. Consequently I create imagery with the intent of provoking conversations about capitalist systems of power, the land, the wild, man-made boundaries, and our collective psychic condition.

Edgar Dumas

The Humble Monkeys Studio

I like to feel the paint- to experience its consistency, the brushstrokes, the texture and their effects on the vivid colors I use.  My subject matter is both personal and true to the way I live my life- both familiar and intimate.

Leslie Jorgensen

Leslie paints her experiences skiing, hiking and biking in the Rocky Mountains. See more at

LeBar, Rachel

Rachel LeBar is a Denver based artist who owns a small art and design company called Fox + Pine. She has been painting her whole life and it has now become something that she’s created into her business in an effort to share her love of nature and the mountains with others in the community. She creates paintings, custom works for the home and for weddings, and apparel like denim jackets, hats and backpacks from up-cycled fashion. She paints on wood, canvas, glass and slate. Check out her work on her Instagram page or on her website.

Nikki Nation Jewelry

Modern, yet organic forms, mixed with forging and hammering techniques are what inspire my jewelry designs. All pieces are handmade using traditional methods of metalsmithing such as fabrication, forming, texturing, and stone setting. My inspiration comes from a variety of places. From the materials I use and their properties, to design elements, processes, patterns, systems, connections, and repetition.

Carmen Richards

“Somewhere between abstract expression, representation and an ethereal dream world lies an insatiable curiosity about the times and spaces we occupy. Never settling on a particular style or medium is the result. Always exploring, wondering, questioning and falling in love with everything, I am continually opening to new concepts flowing through my creative process. It’s not always pretty.”

To contribute to the Infinite Portrait Project, contact Carmen through her website or Instagram @carmen._.richards

The Studio on Paradox Lane

The Studio on Paradox Lane features the fine art and other creative adventures of Erika LZ Delzell.
A contemporary artist working in Denver, she predominately works in oil paint on found objects to combine contemplative practice and social activism with and a deep seated love of color and paint to create timeless visual explorations of the human experience. The results are delicately intuitive works showcasing the power of often forgotten glimpses of reality as they were meant to be seen.
Erika holds a BFA in painting, and studio arts photography & ceramics from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and an MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology with a Concentration in Art Therapy from Naropa University in Boulder, CO. Please e-mail with commission requests or to schedule a studio visit.

Heidi West

Heidi West is a fourth generation native to Colorado. Her small-scale abstracted landscapes in oil, dominated by rich texture and vivid color, are drawn from memories and the emotional and visual impressions imprinted upon her as a result of her geographic heritage. Heidi is interested in the interplay between the external environment and an the internal emotional experience and seeks to use the sense of movement through space as a mirror for the way we might move through an inner emotional landscape over time.

Optic Soul Photography

Amanda J Armstrong at Optic Soul Photography
I help create and capture genuine moments for people and families who want to share the love and passions in their life and heart.⠀
Some of the most genuine moments are not always staged.
From Hospital births to Yogis. We all have moments in our life we want to share. Share your world, with a unique session, and turn your life into art.
Creative & Fine Art Photography: IG: @Amanda_J_Armstrong FB: @AmandaJArmstrongArt
Family & Lifestyle : IG:  @OpticSouPhoto FB @OpticSoul

Angela Craven Art

Angela Craven is an abstract expressionist painter focused on exploring and conveying the deep emotional landscapes and complexities of human communication that drive our individual paths. Her art is about reflection, strength, and connection. She explores these concepts by recording her own experiences and by working with clients to capture and express significant periods in their lives, particularly those that lead to transformation. Most recently, she’s been working with people who are experiencing grief. The resulting paintings are inspired from conversations with them, which are focused on listening and understanding. Her paintings act as reminders to connect with the inner strength found in these moments and to celebrate the meaningful people and experiences in our lives. Angela holds a BFA in painting from Colorado State University and studied painting in Siena, Italy. Visit her studio at GRACe on First Fridays or by appointment.

Tim Deshong

Writing poems, painting, drawing and creating sculpture has been a passion of mine for years.  Creating art for me, has always been an organic and free flowing process.  Sculpture allows me that freedom.  In that, I find I am at my most peaceful state.

Karmen Lee Franklin

Karmen Lee Franklin
Karmen’s Gardens
Karmen is an assemblage artist, environmental historian, and Colorado native. These aspects combine as she creates entire worlds in terrariums and aquariums, living sculptures, and whimsical creations that recycle and reuse common objects.
She teaches classes on terrarium construction, fairy gardening, airplant arrangement, local history, and more. She also moonlights as a fairy, providing creative entertainment and activities for fairs, parties, and festivals. Her murals may be seen in Lakewood and other spaces throughout the Denver metro area.

Karmen has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She learned to create assemblage art from her unusually creative family.

Katie Funk

My name is Katie Funk and I am a printmaker, illustrator and a high school art teacher based in Denver. Being a teacher, I am always looking to learn new ways of making art so I tend to dabble in multiple media, techniques and styles. My inspirations come from everywhere; my students, the outdoors, goats, my dogs, and living with mental illness. My art tends to be in two polar opposite categories; childlike and lighthearted or realistic and emotional. Despite the categories, I enjoy working with line, symmetry and bright colors.

Jeff Howard

Studied painting in the studio of Charles Seide (Cooper Union faculty) in the sixties
BFA University of Chicago 1972
MFA Brandeis University 1978
Studied painting in the studio of Martin Lubner (UCLA faculty) in the eighties

Award-winning art director & production designer
Hollywood, CA 1975-2000

Colorado Film School faculty since 2008

Globeville Riverfront Art Center member since 2016

KAMera Photojournalism

Founded in 2012 by photojournalist, Kristi Miller, KAMera Photojournalism is a photography LLC specializing in preserving real life moments that truly matter. Covering the span from heartbreaking news to the most magical day of someone’s life, her goal is to capture the pure raw emotion of every event and every person. Along with her degree in media studies and photojournalism from the University of Colorado, Kristi has been shooting for over thirteen years, has spent seven years shooting weddings, and has nine years of experience in product photography.

Cody Mekelburg

Cody Mekelburg is from a small town in eastern Colorado and has been painting and drawing as long as he can remember, originally instructed by his grandmother in oil painting, he has carried the passion for artistic expression instilled by her throughout his life.
After a short stint as a tattoo artist, Cody graduated with a B.F.A. in Painting from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in 2011, primarily studying the painting of the human figure. After a few years of seeking, and a small bit of wandering, he met his Spiritual Teacher Anyen Rinpoche and due to his kindness, and recognition of talent, he was introduced to the Master Artist and Teacher Lama Sonam Tsering.
Lama Sonam guides Cody in the practice of Thangka Painting as it was taught to him in Yolmo, Nepal by his Father. Lama Sonam is a master statue maker and thangka painter, he currently resides primarily in Nepal, where he continues his artistic activity, re-constructing a retreat center and temple for his community after it was destroyed in the earthquake of 2015.  Lama Sonam is not only a master artist but a true example of a good human being, humble and flexible, yet very knowledgeable and smart.  Cody strives to follow his example.
Cody strives to be a part of the furthering of authentic Western Buddhist Art.  Each piece is created with the utmost care, devotion, and respect for the tradition in order to become a support and inspiration for spiritual practice. He believes that with the proper motivation and methods a painting can invoke blessings in one’s spiritual practice.

Sarah Nix

Sarah Nix is a visual artist and poet living in Denver. She received a BFA in 2006 from Herron School of Art and Design. She is Special Projects Assistant at the Denver Art Museum. Sarah has recently exhibited work at Edge Gallery and Core New Art Space in Denver, as well as the Lone Tree Art Center in Lone Tree, CO. Her poems have appeared in CALYX Journal, Rust + Moth, Blue Lyra Review, DIALOGIST, and others.

Steve Sells Studio

Sarah Nix is a visual artist and poet living in Denver. She received a BFA in 2006 from Herron School of Art and Design, Indianapolis. She has recently exhibited work at Core New Art Space and the Lone Tree Art Center. Her poetry has appeared in CALYX Journal, Rust + Moth, DIALOGIST, and others.